PJ1228 (pj1228) wrote,

Raven reopened

The Raven, or rather the club that served as the filming site for our favourite Toronto nightclub on Richmond/Duncan has reopened as a sportsbar. The entire building has ondergone major renovations during the last year. It now houses several venues under the name The Fifth. The Fifth Pubhouse is located on the ground floor/basement that is accessible through the Raven's former front door. The alley entrance leads to a smaller bar called Cabin Five.

I haven't been there yet, just passed by in a taxi at night, and was happy to see crowds of people going in and out.

The change would certainly make for an interesting fanfic, don't you think? In this context, it comes in handy that fkficfest has opened its sign-up period for this year's game. Sign-ups close on June 7. So drop by and leave your prompts.
Tags: filming location, fkficfest, raven, toronto

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