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Stratford reviews are in

This week was the first opening week at the Stratford Festival. A compilation of the reviews for all plays is provided by the Festival here. GWD received a lot of praise for his roles as Duke Vincentio in Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and as the Earl of Leicester in Schiller's Mary Stuart.

In particular I liked this phrase from the Toronto Star: Geraint Wyn Davies has the ability to charm one moment, then go for the throat in the next and that quality is on splendid display here. Couldn't help but finding this very inspiring for the story I'm currently writing for fkficfest. :) A precise description of how I like Nick best. :)

Production photos of Measure for Measure and Mary Stuart are offered here (Nigel is seen in one, too) and here, respectively.

A video of Mary Stuart with GWD in it (although he doesn't say anything in this scene) is available here.

The third FK-related play The Thrill featuring Nigel Bennett opens in August.
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