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Guidance for authors who write for me

First of all, I appreciate anything that is written for me in general. If you want to customize a story according to my preferences, below is a little guidance that may point you in the right direction.

Main Fandom: Forever Knight

Other interests (although not active in fandom): Murdoch Mysteries, Lucifer, Forever, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Highlander, Castle, Rookie Blue, , Star Trek (TOS, TNG), LEXX

Oddly I have a fondness for villains if they are intelligent and deadly charming like Lacroix in Forever Knight, Damon in Vampire Diaries, Malcom Merlyn in Arrow, or Prince in LEXX.



Favourite characters: Nick, Lacroix, Schanke, Janette

Favourite guest-characters: Seline (A More Permanent Hell), Miklos, Grace, Fleur (Be My Valentine)

Favourite factions: UF (Nick/Lacroix), DarkNN (Nick/Nat), Val (Lacroix/Natalie), IB (Nick/Janette). In addition, I like gen stories equally well.

Favourite season: Season 2 (although a lot of my favourite episodes are in season 3)

Favourite episode: Night in Question

Favourite Captain: Amanda Cohen

Story structure: I like episode-like stories, case-fic, romance, flashbacks. I think canon is important as a starting point, but I don't mind if the story diverges from canon in a plausible way.

Characters: Since Nick and Lacroix are my favourite characters, I like stories focused on them, or either of them. I'm not so fond of stories focusing on minor characters.

Nick: I'm thrilled when Nick embraces his vampiric side. I like him dark and seductive and using his powers, but also angsty and regretful in the aftermath of any slips. Nick regaining his mortality would be a disaster and utterly frustrating. Nick returning to Lacroix's side would be my interpretation of a happy ending. In Lacroix's words, "Nick's so-called condition is the very quality in him that I adore".

Lacroix: There's a reason behind all his actions and it usually involves Nick. I enjoy Nightcrawler monologues very much. Regarding his relationship with Nick, I accept it in all its aspects, i.e. father/son, lovers (consensual, not abusive), sire/protégé or just friends.

Nick's partners:
I prefer Schanke, but I enjoy reading about Tracy as well if a season 3 setting is required. I like scenarios where Nick's partner figures out the truth (of course not in every story).

Likes: Plot, humour, witty dialogue, Nick's secret on the verge of being discovered, reconciliation between Nick and Lacroix, vampire eroticism, Nightcrawler monologues

Dislikes: I avoid reading about rape, spiritual struggles, major character death, people acting out of character, AU, graphic violence, supernatural creatures other than those established in canon, Nick becoming mortal (unless temporary), depressive Nick

Rating: No preference

Crossovers: I don't read crossovers. Within the FK universe all the other TV shows I've listed are TV shows and not "real". The only crossover I could imagine and might be interesting to read is FK / Murdoch Mysteries or Forever Knight / Forever.


Favourite characters: Chief Constable Giles, Detective William Murdoch, Constable Crabtree, Dr. Grace
Favourite relationships: Giles/other male character, Murdoch/Anna (I think Murdoch/Dr. Ogden bears disaster), Crabtree/Dr. Grace
Story structure: case-fic that involves Giles. I've always been thrilled when Giles appeared in any episode. But with what was recently disclosed in season 8, I love him even more.

Favourite characters: Damon, Elijah
Favourite relationships: Damon/female character

Favourite characters: Lucifer, Maze, Dr. Linda Martin, the Coroner
Favourite relationships: Lucifer/Chloe, Maze/Dr. Linda Martin

Favourite characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Malcom Merlyn, Walter Steele
Favourite relationships: Oliver/Felicity, Malcom/Moira

Favourite characters: Dov Epstein, Tracy Nash, Sam Swarek,
Favourite relationships: Gen

Favourite characters: Prince, Kai
Favourite relationships: Anything involving Prince

Favourite characters: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty
Favourite relationships: Gen

Favourite characters: Picard, Riker, Q
Favourite relationships: Riker/Troi

Favourite characters: Duncan, Amanda, Methos, Hugh Fitzcairn
Favourite relationships: Duncan/Amanda
Favourite episodes: The Stone of Scone, Unusual Suspects

Favourite characters: Castle, Martha
Favourite relationships: Gen

Favourite characters: Dr. Henry Morgan, Abe
Favourite relationships: Gen
Tags: dear author letter, fan fiction, fk fanfic

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