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The chalk game in Dying to Know you

Has anyone ever analyzed the game Nick and Schanke are playing while they wait for Denise Ford to finish her "investigation" in Dying to Know you?

While rewatching this episode, I took a closer look and froze the frame. When the scene starts, they have already 2 games completed and Schanke started on a third marking the centre position with a cross. Nick obviously has the circles.

We used to play this game in school when lessons were boring. If I recall correctly, both players take turns marking a box in a 3 x 3 square, while trying to achieve 3 marks in a row or diagonal.

I noticed that the 2 completed games both ended in a tie. What does that say about Nick and Schanke in this early stage of their partnership? The game is a strategy game. We know that Nick is well trained in these since we've seen him playing chess in addition to living in close proximity with a Roman General.

But what about Schanke? The fact that Nick didn't win shows that Schanke is at least as efficient in strategy games. As a detective he probably has to be. Yet, I find it amazing compared to Nick's experience. Or did Nick refrain from winning on purpose?

Any thoughts on the matter?
Tags: episode discussion, forever knight, nick & schanke

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