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Missed opportunity: VD cast in Germany

I'm not exactly a convention goer (I've attended 2 in my whole life) nor am I an overt fan of Vampire Diaries. That is I watch the show, have a fondness for Damon and Elija, own the DVDs, but that's it. I'm not involved in fanfiction nor would I travel long distances in order to meet cast members. However, when those cast members kindly come to the immediate vicinity of my home, that is certainly an opportunity worth seizing. Of course I felt no need to attend all 3 days of this convention, I was merely planning to get a day pass for Sunday and attend the panels of Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Zach Roerig. The organizers kept announcing that there were plenty of tickets left which could be bought at the door.

So, when I was just ready to leave this morning, I got a text message from zartherbes, who had gone there earlier because she wanted to do the photo sessions, telling me that the tickets were sold out. Bummer. I'm not particularly sad, it's just that it would have been nice to see the actors for real.

So, instead I spent a sunny day at the lake, contemplating on my story for fkficfest. After a fluent start, I'm currently kind of stuck beside the plot.

Now back to the UEFA EURO 2012.
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