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Theatre Review: Camelot

The second play I saw in Stratford was “Camelot”, a musical based on T.H. White’s book “The Once and Future King”, which I bought in the Theatre Store.

Synopsis: In the realm of Camelot, King Arthur has created a utopian land of chivalry and civil rule. But when his beloved Queen Guenevere and Sir Lancelot, his most trusted knight, succumb to their passion for one another, he faces a terrible dilemma that will rock his kingdom to its very foundation.

Camelot was a delight to watch. Geraint Wyn Davies was wonderful as King Arthur who matures during the play from an insecure boy, who nervously awaits the arrival of his bride-to-be, into the noble king who has to choose between his love and the noble cause that Camelot stood for. There were several scenes in which he reminded me so much of Nick Knight as he had rarely done in other roles I’ve seen him in (with the exception of Edmund in “King Lear”).

Kaylee Harwood as Guenevere had a very good voice.

I also liked Jonathan Winsby as Lancelot. He was quite handsome and had a stunning singing voice. It was very humorous when he first came to court, boasting with confidence in his abilities. Of course, following tourneys proved that his boasting wasn’t exaggerated.

Brent Carver first played Merlyn who started out as an old man and became younger in each scene. After Merlyn had vanished into the sky, Brent Carver returned as Pellinore, a doddering knight and loyal friend to Arthur.

The costumes were truly marvellous, all very colourful and made of rich textures. And then of course there was the real falcon that flew from the back of the audience onto the stage and landed on Merlyn’s arm. The entire production was a feast for the eyes.
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