PJ1228 (pj1228) wrote,

Lacroix's Conversion Day

Like everybody else, I'm currently busy loading all my fanfic to the AO3. While doing this, I seize the opportunity to do some editing on my stories, remove typos and other blunders I committed in my early days of writing. So, the process is rather time consuming and takes a while until it is completed.

I'm also giving my website a new look, which I will announce when it's finished.

Today's contributions to AO3 are two early stories written in 2003 and 2004 in honour of Lacroix's Conversion Day (August 24):

Conversion Day (588 words, PG-13)
written in August 2003
Characters: Lacroix/Nick (implied)

Conversion Day - Nick's point of view (613 words, PG-13)
written in August 2004
Characters: Nick/Lacroix (implied), Schanke

The latter tells the same story from Nick's point of view.

Tags: conversion day, fk fanfic, lacroix, uf, website

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