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Lacroix's Conversion Day

Like everybody else, I'm currently busy loading all my fanfic to the AO3. While doing this, I seize the opportunity to do some editing on my stories, remove typos and other blunders I committed in my early days of writing. So, the process is rather time consuming and takes a while until it is completed.

I'm also giving my website a new look, which I will announce when it's finished.

Today's contributions to AO3 are two early stories written in 2003 and 2004 in honour of Lacroix's Conversion Day (August 24):

Conversion Day (588 words, PG-13)
written in August 2003
Characters: Lacroix/Nick (implied)

Conversion Day - Nick's point of view (613 words, PG-13)
written in August 2004
Characters: Nick/Lacroix (implied), Schanke

The latter tells the same story from Nick's point of view.


It's the reference to Schanke that's priceless.
Schanke's spouts of wisdom are always helpful. They even work with grumpy old vampires. :)
Thanks for reading and commenting.