PJ1228 (pj1228) wrote,

Contributions to FKCommentFic

The FKFicFest'11 After-Party is still going on at fkcommentfic.

My contributions so far are:

Plane Crash (645 words)
in answer to amilyn's prompt "Nick and Nat are the only survivors of the crash of a small plane. Nat's injured, Nick can't be in the sunlight, and they're in the middle of the wilderness."

Through the eyes of a vampire (449 words)
in answer to brightknightie's prompt "Nick/Emily Weiss lightning storm, lightning light"

Stories can be posted through August 28. Consider dropping by and pick a prompt. And drop by to read and comment on what's already there.
Tags: darknn, fk fanfic, fkficfest, nick knight

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