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A Matter of Quid Pro Quo

Title: A Matter of Quid Pro Quo
Fandom: Forever Knight
Category: Romance (Nick/Nat)
Characters: Natalie, Nick, Vachon, Grace, Lacroix
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Forever Knight and its characters were created by Barney Cohen and J.D. Parriott and are copyright to Sony/Tristar. None of the characters in this story belongs to me. I'm just borrowing them temporarily. No infringement intended. No profit is being made. Lyrics from the song “I don’t believe in yesterday” by Lowen & Navarro.

Written for celli on behalf of oldschoolfic Winter Fication.
Prompt: I don’t believe in yesterday (Lowen & Navarro song)

Special thanks to foxy11814 for beta reading.

Timeline: Season 3, after “Night in Question”

Summary: While Nick regains his memories after the amnesia, Natalie discovers that she experienced memory loss as well.

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