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DVD-Review: Jesse Stone: Sea Change

“Sea Change” is the fourth installment of a series about Jesse Stone, a police chief (played by Tom Selleck) in a small New England fishing community, who lost his former job as an L.A. police detective. In order to distract himself from his drinking problem and other accumulated personal issues, Jesse reopens a decade-old unsolved murder case.

Nigel Bennett has a short appearance (about 5 minutes) as the owner of a yacht who is accused of rape.

I like the film especially for its quiet tones and beautiful photography. It has been shot in Nova Scotia and the location is just breath-taking. I recommend watching the preceding three films first in order to be up to date with the plot and issues of the different characters.

The film is available on DVD, but region 1 coded. Therefore I’m unable to make screenshots at this time.
Tags: dvd review, nigel bennett, sea change

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