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The Border - Season 1

Recently I received my DVDs from "The Border". It's one of the most exciting TV shows I’ve ever seen. I was thrilled to see Nigel Bennett and Catherine Disher working together again. However, I wished their characters had more interaction.

Although I’ve grown fond of the entire cast during the course of the season, Andrew Mannering remains my favourite character. I like the quarrels he has with Major Kessler and I hope to see more of him in future episodes.

My favourite episode is "Physical Assets".

Among other extras (a documentary about the real ICS, season 1 trailer and cast interviews - unfortunately none with Nigel), the DVD set includes cast and crew commentaries for the pilot episode. I found the background information provided by John Fawcett, James McGowan, Peter Raymont and Janet MacLean very interesting.

I hope season 2 will be released on DVD soon.

Screenshots from the episodes featuring Andrew Mannering are available here.

The Border DVD is available via Amazon.ca or the CBC shop. They play fine on region 2 players.
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