Ger & Nigel: Stage news and reviews

Geraint Wyn Davies is currently on stage at the Stratford Festival playing Elyot in Noel Coward's Private Lives and Falstaff in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Both plays opened last week. Reviews for Private Lives are available here and for Merry Wives here.

Here's a promotional video of Private Lives:

I love that robe! :)

From July 9-21, Nigel Bennett will be on stage in Wellington, Ontario in John Patrick Shanley's Outside Mullingar. Nigel will be reprising the role of Tony, which earned him a Winnipeg Theatre Award nomination for best performance by a supporting actor when he performed it at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre last February.

Source: Theatre Website

Coroner and Tin Star

Nigel Bennett has recurring roles in Coroner and Tin Star.

Coroner is a new crime series about a newly appointed female coroner set in Toronto. Nigel plays the chief coroner. He first appears in episode 4. Coroner airs Mondays on CBC.

In the second season of Tin Star Nigel plays a leading member of a secluded religious community in Alberta. He first appears in episode 2. Tin Star airs on Amazon Prime and in the UK. The DVD release is set for April 15, 2019.

Fandom Stocking Gifts

Fandom_Stocking went live yesterday. I altered my requests a bit this year. In addition to Forever Knight I asked for Lucifer, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Teddy bear pics. Here's what I received:

Teddy Bears:
- Lots of cute teddy bear pics including 3 jigsaw puzzles

- a Lucifer icon

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries:
A Warm Christmas Day by cornerofmadness
Post series, Jack/Phryne, Hugh/Dot, Mac, 867 words,
Summary: He’s missed her terribly

Very well done!

Forever Knight:
- Lovely first season icons

Holiday Festivities by WendyMyPooh
Nick, Schanke, Natalie
Summary: Nick feels uncomfortable at the precinct's Christmas party. Natalie rescues him.

Lovely! And so Nick.

Not Lost To Me by Merfilly
Drabble, Nick/Lacroix in a post-Sons of Belial setting



Here's what I wrote:

Stranded for WendyMyPooh
3175 words, Pre Dark Knight, Nick/Nat
Summary: Natalie wants to know more about the new man in her life, but he's determined to keep her at a distance. Things change when Natalie's car breaks down.

Blue Eyes for falcon_horus
633 words, Fleur/Lacroix, Nick, set 1231
Summary: Nicolas receives a letter from his sister Fleur.

A Woman's Wisdom for Lightbird
996 words, Janette&Lacroix, set in the hiatus between season 1 and 2
Summary: Lacroix returns.

The year in review and upcoming projects

In 2018 I managed to finish 7 stories. Kudos and many thanks to my valiant beta reader Dlyt.

Another New Year
Another New Year in the life of Nicholas de Brabant.

Best Intentions
To show his gratitude for saving his life, Schanke intends to do something special for Nick – with unforeseen consequences.

Starry Night
Nick takes Natalie to a special place for star gazing.

The Trouble with Henry
A dead body at the Raven forces Janette to an unusual course of action.

One Lover Too Many
Another sequel to One Loss Too Many and One Death Too Many. Natalie's first experiences as a vampire are not what she expected.

An Affair Worth Remembering
Five years after he moved on, Nick and Natalie agreed to meet at the CN Tower.

Defying the Gods
Written for Nicholas_Lucien's Fic Fest prompt: May 1980, Mt St Helens. LaCroix goes to save Nick during the Mt St Helens eruption. He finds Nick, and something more. With a flashback/memory: 79, Pompeii, LaCroix's escape during the Mt Vesuvius eruption.


Future projects:

3 FK stories for Fandom_Stocking (1 is posted, 1 is currently being beta read, and for the third I still have no clue)

A sequel to An Affair Worth Remembering (completed and beta-read. I just need to find the time to revise some parts in accordance with suggestions from my beta reader). A third part has also already been started on.

Another installment in the Relationships series.